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Popping Up at Cositas in St Albans

On Sunday 6th February Elande Jewellery will be showcasing our jewellery along with some other local fabulous handmade businesses.

Popup shops are a brilliant way for us small handmade business to get a physical shop space without needing to commit to a huge cost, which most of us could not afford! It’s also a fabulous way to connect with other small businesses and share ideas, plans and generally network.

For Elande Jewellery it allows customers to really see the quality of my silver jewellery and allows me to chat and fully explain and show how I make my pieces, the time taken to ensure they are perfect and the love that goes in to them. I will be taking all the jewellery that I currently have in stock. Silver rings, gemstone rings, silver bangles, pendants. Stud earrings, hoop earrings, hook earrings and also the last of my Orbit collection including the chain neacklace and bracelet.

Along with Elande Jewellery there will be tasty treats from Stackd, beautiful knitware from Knits & Bobs, leather goods from Anna Figgins and gift wrapping by Ragali Gift Wrapping.

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Moments Of Mindfulness Week

Moments of mindfulness – easy ways to reduce stress and anxiety.

Monday 15th – Friday 19th March

This is not your usual mindfulness course. For many mindfulness conjures up the idea of sitting with your eyes closed in complete silence – which for many just doesn’t feel achievable so they never try it. But the reality is mindfulness is simply about being present and focused on one activity. 

This programme will show you that you can introduce simple, fun moments of mindfulness into your daily life which bring a huge array of positive health benefits.

Research has shown that mindfulness can help to:

  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Boost immune function
  • Improve brain function and focus
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Create a feeling of calm
  • Improve mood

So if you’re feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed by life right now, join us for 5-days of mindfulness which will leave you feeling

  • energised
  • positive
  • calmer
  • focused

We’re mindful of the fact that many of us are spending too much time glued to our screens so our sessions will be live online for just 15-20 mins each day. We’ll introduce each technique and you can then carry on with the activities in your own time offline. Recordings of every sessions will be sent out the following day if you can’t join us live.

Want to get your kids involved? Some sessions will be suitable for kids (these will be clearly labelled) and they can join in for free!

Sessions during the programme include:

Mindful creativity – make your own beaded rainbow brooch, with Sam Giles from Bead Creative.

Being creative is most definitely food for the soul! Lose yourself in the moment, quiet the mind, and enjoy the textures and colours of the material we will use. Feel a real sense of pride and achievement by creating something beautiful that you can wear. 

4 sessions, suitable for children.

Mindful movement – yoga, breath and visualisation with Anna from Anna Banana Yoga

Yoga is a great too to help reduce stress and anxiety, and bring more mindfulness into your day. Anna will share three techniques to help you do this:

·      Discover how to use your breath to keep you calm

·      Learn a short and simple sequence of moves to get you out of your head and back into your body

·      Enjoy a guided relaxation to give your mind a holiday!

2 sessions 

Mindful eating – healthy snack making demo and nutrition talk

Take a moment out to prepare some healthy, tasty snacks which will nourish you and your family. During this live cooking demo Bethany will show you how to prepare healthy snacks and take a more mindful approach to cooking and eating. The snacks are easy to prepare, require no special equipment and can be made with basic staples you can find at most supermarkets. Bethany will also be giving a short introduction to nutrition for stress talk at the start of the week.

2 sessions, suitable for children

Mindful dance – with Nicola from Pixie Studios

1 session, suitable for children

This programme is for you if:

  • You want to find ways to better manage your feelings of stress, anxiety or overwhelm.
  • You find meditation and mindfulness overwhelming or unobtainable.
  • You’re experiencing feelings of low mood, low energy, stress, anxiety and/or poor concentration.
  • Life feels overwhelming right now
  • You never have any time to focus on self-care and your health.
  • You’re always doing everything for everyone else.

The details

The programme runs from Monday 15th – Friday 19th March with daily live sessions, daily emails and a Facebook group for extra support between live sessions.

Each moment will be 15-20 minutes live, to minimise zoom fatigue as think we’ve all had enough of living online! You’ll be given prompts and actions to help you be more mindful in your daily life after each session.

Some sessions are suitable for children (these will be clearly labelled). Children can attend the sessions free with a paying adult.

Tickets cost £25 per person if booked before midnight on Sunday 7th March or £30 after.

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Snowflake decoration Kits

Christmas seems to be approaching very quickly and I would normally be starting to promote my Christmas workshops. Unfortunately I’m unable to host these this year and so decided to create some kits for you to do at home instead.

These Kits are so easy to do and make a perfect family activity. Once completed they sparkle away and are just a gorgeous addition to your Christmas decorations.

I decided to make a video showing you how to make these, giving you a few hints and tips and, most importantly, showing how to finish off the snowflakes using a pair of pliers.

I really hope you enjoy making these as much as we do!

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Easy beaded Hair clip tutorial

beaded hairclip by bead creative

This is a very simple activity that can be done by children of any age and requires very little equipment.

All you need is

  • Hair clip
  • Small beads
  • Thread (make sure this is thin enough to go through your beads)

Cut a length of thread and find the middle. Wrap the thread around the middle prong of the clip a couple of times and knot it. Add beads onto one side of the thread in any pattern you like. When done, tie a knot in the end making sure the knot it is big enough that that beads don’t fall through. Do the same on the other side. Snip off any ends and it’s ready to wear!

There are some packs available with all the materials you need for this project. Find them here.

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Raring2Go feature

Wow I’m super excited to have been included as a feature in the copy of this edition of the Raring2Go magazine. It looks so good and am really pleased that I took the time to write it. I admit I’m not the best writer but hopefully it gets across a bit about me and all the aspects of my business such as children’s parties, workshops and mindfulness sessions.

For a small business any type of promotion is gratefully received and, for me, feels unexpected. Bead Creative is just over 2 years old now and I could not have imagined in the beginning that the business I created from scratch would be newsworthy enough to get a mention in such a long standing magazine. So many people receive it and so many look to it for ideas and inspiration for activities for their little ones.

I have been advertising in Raring2go! for a while now and I highly recommend choosing them if your business fits their customer base. They have been so very supportive to me personally and for my business. which, when you are doing this by yourself, is really important!

If you fancy having a read of the article here’s the link….

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Beaded wrap bracelet video tutorial

Beaded wrap bracelet video tutorial by bead creative

I wanted to provide a mindful type of activity that people could tap into while they were at home. I few people I know have shown interest in learning how to make these and I had planned to run a workshop, however, in light of the recent situation we find ourselves in, I thought it might be nice to do a video instead.

This activity is suitable for adults and children who are old enough to sew. It would be something that mums and daughters (or similar) could do together or by yourself if you are looking to have a bit of quiet time away from all other stresses!

The video takes you through the items you will need in order to create this bracelet and step by step how you attach the beads and create a clasp and finish off. I’m afraid I am no video expert so there are three videos for this activity. The first video is an introduction, the second video explains the materials and step by step on how to start your bracelet plus how to add the beads. The final video shows you how to make your claps and finish off.

In order to a 2 wrap bracelet you will need the following items;

  • Round leather cord. I’m using size 2mm but 1 mm would also be fine. About 1 metre should be enough to make 2 wraps.
  • Shank button
  • Beads of your choice. I’m using 15 each of size 6mm glass pearls, fire polish and semi precious beads
  • Needle
  • Thread. I have used Nymo thread
  • Hypo cement jewellery glue (you could use a dab of clear nail polish instead)
  • Clip board or thin chopping board
  • Bulldog clips and kitchen roll or something similar to protect the cord and beads

See my kits here

Beading items can also be found at beading shops. These are some of my favourites (Amazon also have lots of these items.)

I really hope you enjoy this tutorial and I would love to see any of the bracelets you make!

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Mindfulness beading sessions

Mindfulness beading sessions by bead creative

Mindfulness has become a very popular subject in recent times. There are many posts and articles on this subject and although I do not claim in any way to have any real knowledge on this subject I do agree that it is so important to find a way for you and your family to get some ‘time out’ from the stresses and strains of this world. There are so many things to think about during a simple day, as an adult so many plates to keep spinning and time is always so short and precious so it can be so difficult to find a way to switch off.

My hobby of bead weaving provides me with the perfect chance to escape reality for a time. Bead weaving (sewing together small beads) requires real concentration and focus, without which it all tends to go wrong! When I am using this technique to make jewellery I get to retreat into my own beady world for a while and forget all about the other stuff that is around. I’m so very lucky!

I do need to be a bit careful, my hobby has become my business and, as those of you with your own businesses will know, it tends to take over your life! If I’m honest I would be happy to just bead and create all day every day but that is clearly not possible. There are so many other things to think about and do with a small business and as it’s just me that can get quite stressful. The last thing I want is for the thing I love to become the thing that makes me the most stressed. It’s a fine balance between wanting success, managing a family and not feeling totally overwhelmed. But again, luckily for me, I can retreat to my beady creative world and allow myself some mindful time – perfect!

So this all got me thinking about how I could potentially help others. I have a work space and all the tools to provide a safe creative space for others to tap into. Let’s be honest, when you are at home jobs tend to get in the way and that hour you set aside has slipped away doing the washing/tidying/making dinner! So I started some drop in mindfulness beading sessions just before Christmas. Myself and few other ladies spent an hour here and there in the run up to Christmas making beaded icicles which would then become gorgeous tree decorations – perfect!

The next project will be learning how to bead shapes and patterns which can then be turned into a unique piece of jewellery. I ask for an initial charge to cover materials and first session and then the project can either be done in your own home or back at Bead Creative on a drop in, pay as you go basis. Do get in touch if you would like to be involved. Here is the link to the full details of the workshop