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Beaded wrap bracelet video tutorial

Beaded wrap bracelet video tutorial by bead creative

I wanted to provide a mindful type of activity that people could tap into while they were at home. I few people I know have shown interest in learning how to make these and I had planned to run a workshop, however, in light of the recent situation we find ourselves in, I thought it might be nice to do a video instead.

This activity is suitable for adults and children who are old enough to sew. It would be something that mums and daughters (or similar) could do together or by yourself if you are looking to have a bit of quiet time away from all other stresses!

The video takes you through the items you will need in order to create this bracelet and step by step how you attach the beads and create a clasp and finish off. I’m afraid I am no video expert so there are three videos for this activity. The first video is an introduction, the second video explains the materials and step by step on how to start your bracelet plus how to add the beads. The final video shows you how to make your claps and finish off.

In order to a 2 wrap bracelet you will need the following items;

  • Round leather cord. I’m using size 2mm but 1 mm would also be fine. About 1 metre should be enough to make 2 wraps.
  • Shank button
  • Beads of your choice. I’m using 15 each of size 6mm glass pearls, fire polish and semi precious beads
  • Needle
  • Thread. I have used Nymo thread
  • Hypo cement jewellery glue (you could use a dab of clear nail polish instead)
  • Clip board or thin chopping board
  • Bulldog clips and kitchen roll or something similar to protect the cord and beads

See my kits here

Beading items can also be found at beading shops. These are some of my favourites (Amazon also have lots of these items.)

I really hope you enjoy this tutorial and I would love to see any of the bracelets you make!

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